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Course 1

Before The Dog:
Treats & Techniques

What you should know before you even begin training with your dog.

Treats & Techniques

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Course 2

How Dogs Learn

How to get a dog to listen without saying a word. Learn WHY you should not rely on VERBAL CUES.

Step by step process for gaining reliable skills

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Course 3


There are 3 types of training methodology and training techniques. Learn about why some types fail and others produce results.

Positive training as the only vet approved method

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Course 4


The end goal of any training program is for the dog to behave. To decide what type of dog training program is best for your family you need to understand what makes for effective long-term behaviors.

Why in home training fails

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Course 5


Are you thinking about getting your dog trained professionally? There are many options for training your dog. This course explains the purpose of each type and the cost associated.

Dog V.S Human Training

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Free Impulse Training Guide

Teach Self Control and Focus.
Colby and Loki on his first win in front of an agility obstacle


I Am Colby Lehew.

With 20 years of dog training experience expertise, I helped create over 100 perfectly behaved dogs. In the constantly changing field of animal behavior, it is my mission to provide individuals & their pets with the skills to master science proven techniques that do no harm but still produce results. .

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