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Dog Trainers Not Just Walkers

Premium dog training services include walkers that are dog trainers. They are CPR certified,  have animal behavior training, and LOVE dogs. Our app allows for: Photo Uploads, Check-In Alerts, GPS Tracking, Online Scheduling, Service Add Ons, and flexible Cancellations. 

Customized Report & Photo

We Track Steps

Obesity could claim ¼ of your dog’s lifespan

We Respond With In The Hour​

Work catches you by surprise, a meeting is extended, a client needs to talk right now. No worries, with our online scheduling app you can book any time. Your Dog Trainer can stop by any day as many times as you need with a click of a button.

Hassle Free Scheduling

Dog walking scheduling app

Colby really cares about Lilly. Her relationship with Lilly is as if she is her own dog. My Lilly is so happy when she sees her. I was nervous but after seeing Colby interact with Lilly in the meet and greet I was at ease. Colby is a very fun, friendly, and positive trainer. Can't recommend her enough.


Trust & Safety Guaranteed

We Give Complete Attention

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Licensed and Insured

Insured by 3rd party

Skills Learned

Don't Stress Out. Your Dog Will Learn:

Leave It

Prevent Your Dog From Eating Something Toxic

Walking Nice

No More Pulling


A Perfect Recall Can Save A Life


Get Your Dog’s Attention and A Perfect Heel


Have Confidence When You Open The Front Door

Drop It

Get Back That Sock, Toy or Food He Found

Typical dog breeds that are deemed hyperactive when in reality they are bored

I work a 9-5 job which means its hard to be consistent with training. I love that Colby trains my dog while I am away. I finally feel like I can talk with a neighbor without the fear of my dog going crazy. Colby has some type of calming effect on Star. Highly recommend.


Walk & Train Includes:

A beagle standing on cobble with a leash attached to his collar ready for a walk

On-One-One Dog Training Services

We address your specific problems and questions.

Colby knows more than my dog's name. Training at home made it so I did not have to struggle to tell her my problem. Online videos and group classes can't compare with what I learned.

Private dog training lessons because online videos do not know your dog.

Potty Training

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Professional trainers we are experts in respecting a dog’s comfort level which is done by reading their signals.  

Dogs give off signals that communicate they are scared anxious, or uncomfortable. These signals to indicates that the dog wants more space between the object of fear and themselves. When these signals are not respected they escalate their behavior to “aggressive” signals.   

Is my dog aggressive thought bubble

Want Leash Manners?


Avoid  Distraction

Walk Nicely

      Stop        Pulling

Class Time

We are done when your questions are answered OR your pup is pooped. 

15 -45
Minutes Of Training
1 -3
A dog wearing glasses and reading a book learning about dog training.

Enrichment Dog Training Services


There are many types of dog sports that you and your pup can do together from Agility to Scent Work. 


Low Impact Sports

Low impact sports such as nose work, rally, obedience, and tracking can start as young as 6 weeks. This ideal for puppies to start their journey to competitive sports. 

High Impact Sports

High impact dog sports such as agility, flyball, dock diving, sledding, skijoring, and disc frisbee are hard on dog’s joints and require the dog to be fully grown

Canine Massage Therapy?

Is your dog experiencing long term or short term pain caused by an injury, surgery, or birth defect?


Canine massage therapy is a branch of the therapeutic discipline of massage which focuses on the health of a dog.  It considered a form of alternative medicine that involves working with the soft tissue of a dog’s body.  Its objective is to relieve pain associated with physical and emotional imbalances including soreness, anxiety, and surgery. 

Scientifically Supported Method To Aid Healing Process

Soft Tissue Minipulation
Passive Joint Movement
Range of Motion
Dog laying on side on floor with a canine massage therapist compressing his shoulder.

Pain Relief For Dogs That

4 Benefits of Massage Therapy
Canine Massage Targets
Connective Tissues
Adipose Tissues

The Ultimate Training Guide

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