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About The Dog Trainer: Colby Lehew

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Colby and Gidget ( A Yorkie)

Dogletics head trainer, Colby Lehew, offers dog training in Chicago, IL. Our objective at Dogletics is to teach you how to be the best dog trainer on your own.  No matter your breed or age of the dog training can benefit them. Don’t be overwhelmed. All you need is information. 

I have a B.S in Animal Behavior and as a result, specialize in solving fear-based aggression issues in young and older dogs. 

Dogletics Misson

 We want a world where dogs are allowed with out restriction. The only way to obtain this is through training and education. Expensive private dog training is a barrier to this goal which is why Dogletics prides its self in its affordability. 

Dog training outside of an agility ring

A World With Everything Dog Friendly?

 Over 50% of people own a at least one dog. We want a world where dogs are allowed with out restriction. The only way to obtain this is through training and education. Expensive private dog training is a barrier to this goal which is why Dogletics prides its self in its affordability. 

Colby Lehew rewarding her dog Loki outside of the agility ring.

Every dog owner is a dog trainer. A bad one... maybe...but a trainer of dogs"

Susan Garrett-Agility National Champion

Service Area

Dogletics Services the La Grange Area.  Outside of the service area may result in a nominal travel fee.  Training and Massage work can be done out of our location for a reduced cost.  If you have any further questions please contact us directly. 

Service Area Map. La Grange and surrounding areas.



Dog Walking, Private Training, Walk & Train, Canine Massage, Dog Running, Potty Break & Play, Agility, Nosework, Massage & Canine Fitness

All walks and visits are scheduled by you online or using the ap. Once the meet & greet is complete you will receive a login and password. When logged in you can manage and schedule your pet’s walks or visits and you will receive a confirmation email when your request is approved within 24 hours.

We want to get to know you, as well as the habits and needs of your pet. By getting to chat a bit and meeting your pet, you can be put at ease that we will give your pet the care they deserve. At that time we can make arrangements regarding access to your pup.

Yes, however, in severe weather conditions, for the safety of your pet, we will exchange some of the walk time for mental stimulation such as training or playing.

We will send a text update, GPS,  and sometimes a photo following each walk. We will also let you know anything else pertinent to your dog’s health that may have been noticed during the walk.

A body cam is a device that the trainer can wear and will be streamed live to GoPro Ap for the duration of the walk. The owner can drop in and see what his or her baby is up to and is completely optional.

A leash and collar or harness  (harness preferred)

Yes, this is why the meet & greet is so important. It informs me of your specific dog so that we can have an enjoyable walk.

Cancel for free as long as it is 24 hours before the scheduled walk. Food can be delivered for a small delivery fee. 

Access to your pet will be worked out at the meet and greet.

  1. Obdience
    • Sit
    • Stay
    • Come
    • Heel 
  2. Trick Training for advanced dogs
    • Roll Over
    • Spin
    • Back-Up
    • Bow 
    • Speak
    • Closing Doors
    • Leg Weave
  3. Agility Foundation
    • Balance
    • Obstacle Awareness
    • Targeting

Order changes must be 48 hours prior to delivery or full price will be charged. 

Technical Questions

Yes, Documentation can be presented during the meet & greet

Yes, you can create your own account by clicking register in the menu bar and you will receive a confirmation email. Expect approval within 24 hours.

No, one can be created for you after the meet and greet.  Fill out the form above and we can get you started with a meet & greet or phone consultation. 

Sign in to your Time To Pet dashboard and follow the directions in this article. 

Download the Time-To-Pet’s app through the app store or android store. Sign in and click Scheduling and then “New Request” at the bottom and follow the prompts.

Changes can be requested through the Time To Pet dashboard and we are reviewed by Dogletics. How to do so can be found here

Dogletics is using Time-To-Pet  software system for payments and scheduling. Online payments can be linked with any credit card. However, cash or check are also accepted.

Yes. Time To Pet is a 3rd party app that uses 128 Bit Encryption. 

Dogletics offers two types of Meet & Greet: In Persons and Phone Consultation. Both are Free  To schedule create an account or fill out the form above and we get back to within 24 hours. 

Covid Questions

Mask are mandatory when entering any clients home. 

Our walkers are to wash their hands whenever possible. Otherwise, they are to use sanitizer. 

When ever possible dog walkers and trainers are to maintain 6 feet apart. Dog walking can be done without the interaction of the client. 

The free phone consultation addresses the bulk of our meet & greet conversation. In addition, filling out our intake form will reduce face to face exposure. 

Dogletics is now using booties which are coverings that go over the shoe. It is commonly used in the medical and food industry to reduce the spread of germs.

  • If you are able to leash your dog prior to the dog walk
  • Crate near the door 
  • Have you dog available at the door

Dogletics and their clients are required to report symptoms or contact with someone demonstrating symptoms We are following CDC guidelines for handling symptomatic encounters. . 

Only if you are willing to put in the work. The kindest thing we do for our dog is give them consistency and repetition. If you are unable to train your dog or provide reinforcement then Walk & Train is a better option.  The good news is that any type of training can help prevent bad behaviors caused from boredom. So teaching your dog to heel might solve your digging or chewing problem. 

It is never too late to train a dog. Dogs with engraved behavior may require more time but their is such a thing as “teaching an old dog a new trick”. 

It is always better to train your dog your self. Board and train programs work but only if the owner reinforces the training. This is why hiring a dog trainer is not about them training your dog. Its about them training you to train your dog. 

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