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A red colored Australian shepherd sitting with his two paws up and a head tilted

How To Walk Two Dogs At Once

Have you ever wondered how people walk two dogs at once? It takes lots of training and is dangerous. In this article I explain why you should not do it unless you have the time and energy. Learn the methods for tandem walking.

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Why Do Dogs Like Sticks?

There are 17 reasons why dogs like sticks. Because sticks can be dangerous you need to find the root cause to the problem. In this article you can troubleshoot why your dog likes sticks and how to fix it.

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I Almost Killed My Dog With Fish Oil

In this article we find out the truth behind the “I almost killed my dog with fish oil”. In reality it is because synthetic fish oil does not have antioxidants like regular fish. Therefore we talk about alternative methods and how to counteract the Vitamin E deficiency caused by Omega-3

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