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Canine Weight Loss Program

Cardio + Weight Lifting To Reduce Risk Associated With Canine Obesity

Overweight dogs live 2.5 Years Less

Muscles Burn More Calories

Your dog can  enjoy his bones, treats, and table scraps from grandma without taking years off his life. 

You Have Tried Science Diet & More

Tried everything from the science diet to hormonal testing and nothing has worked. 

Can't Get Your Dog To Walk

Fitness is rewarding and enriching.  Dogs enjoy walks when the pace is tailored to their physical capabilities.

Weight Walker Program

Enroll In Program

1 Month For $480

5 Walks & 3 Strength Training

Science Based Canine Fitness

Give them a life full of energy without injury.

Progress Tracking

Weight & Nutrtion Tracking

Feel confident your achieving your goals by reviewing your dogs monthly weigh in reports.

Stop Being Embarrassed By Your Dogs Weight

Freckles lost 15lbs
Courtney R.
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"I had issues with separation anxiety and Colby helped me work through all the stress of getting a puppy!
Ross J.
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My dog use to jump on people all the time. Colby taught my dog not to jump without permission. This much more useful than turning your body because most people ignore my wishes for them to not allow my dog to jump on them.
Arika C.
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Dogletics sets apart from Rover because they have a unique walk and train program that makes sure your dog is handled by dog trainers not kids.
Elizabeth G
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My Dad, due to health reasons, could not control his new 6 year old rescue when she tried to bolt out the door. Thanks to Colby he can get his weekly food delivers without it being a struggle every time. .
Maritza F.
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Colby helped my stubborn German Shepherd become an obedient puppy! Thank you Colby for all of your Help. My family and I appreciate your time and help!!
Pat J.
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Colby took my nightmare of suddenly having my Army son's 2) 65# dogs into a house of obedience, rewards, and joy. I could not have managed the 8 months my son served in Iraq and Kuwait without her professionalism in handling 2 very strong willed pulling dogs.

How To Start

From under exercised to fulfilled

Dried dead tick on dog cover photo

Dried Dead Tick On Dog

Did you find a dried dead tick on your dog? If so this article talks about the risk associated with ticks and how to protect your dog from them.

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Symptoms of eating goose poop

My Dog Ate Goose Poop

During the summer months goose poop is every where. It is like a buffet for our dogs. This article explains what to do if you dog eats goose poop.

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Two dogs on the same walk.

How To Walk Two Dogs At Once

Have you ever wondered how people walk two dogs at once? It takes lots of training and is dangerous. In this article I explain why you should not do it unless you have the time and energy. Learn the methods for tandem walking.

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Don't let your dog have sticks because they are harmful

Why Do Dogs Like Sticks?

There are 17 reasons why dogs like sticks. Because sticks can be dangerous you need to find the root cause to the problem. In this article you can troubleshoot why your dog likes sticks and how to fix it.

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10 things you can do if you feed your dog fish oil

I Almost Killed My Dog With Fish Oil

In this article we find out the truth behind the “I almost killed my dog with fish oil”. In reality it is because synthetic fish oil does not have antioxidants like regular fish. Therefore we talk about alternative methods and how to counteract the Vitamin E deficiency caused by Omega-3

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5 factors in determining how long a dog can hold their pee

How Long Can Dogs Hold Their Pee

How long can dogs hold their pee depends on their age, size, medical history, environment, and type of peeing they are doing. In this article I give potty training tips and hacks that will make your life easier.

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