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In-house dog training & canine massage


Get your dog’s health & behavior under control without leaving your house

Over 85% of owners feel helpless about their dog.

Walk easy

No pull method and heal work for strong pullers

Stop Problems

Teach your dog what to do and what not to do


Agility, Scent Work, Trick Training

Relieve Pain

Massage helps stiff joints and increases mobility

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From passive Dog Owner

To A Champion

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Training based on professional canine sports methodology.

Force Free Training

Enrich your dogs life regardless of their age, breed, motivation level or willfulness.

Exhaust Your Dog

Entertain your dog and keep them healthy with dog sports and canine fitness.

You Should Not Have To Spend Hours Worrying About Your Dog​


Pete went from a 180lb to a 165lb lab and still counting. This was after tons of test and walkers.​


Lou does not get much exercise due to his anxiety. Massage made a huge difference in his mobility.​


Wendy was a wild 2 year old lab. Now she walks great and I don't have to be that person​


Chapa was a wild puppy. Now he is a well behaved adult. I can even let him roam the house when I am at work.

What Customers Say

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I work a 9-5 job which means its hard to be consistent with training. Colby kept me on track. I can talk with a neighbor without the fear of my dog going crazy.
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Colby fixed what online videos and group classes couldn't. My dog focuses on my even with tons of dogs around.
Elizabeth G
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My Dad, due to health reasons, could not control his new 6 year old rescue when she tried to bolt out the door. He can not get his weekly food delivers without it being a struggle every time.
Maritza F.
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Colby helped my stubborn German Shepherd become an obedient puppy! Thank you Colby for all of your Help. My family and I appreciate your time and help!!
Pat J.
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Colby took my nightmare of suddenly having my Army son's 2) 65# dogs into a house of obedience, rewards, and joy. I could not have managed the 8 months my son served in Iraq and Kuwait without her professionalism in handling 2 very strong willed pulling dogs.
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I feel confident leaving my dogs with Colby when I go on vacation as we do weekly training sessions. I know my Lily is at home with her.
Courtney R.
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"I had issues with separation anxiety and Colby helped me work through all the stress of getting a puppy!
Ross J.
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My dog now understand not to jump on people who visit. I can finally have guest over again.

From A Passive Dog Owner To YOUR Dog's Superhero

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