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Dog Training & Walking

Fix bad behaviors, get your dog to listen to you & enrich your dogs life through positive training.

Walk & Train

We train your dog consistently so you don’t have to


Gain control using effective, & non-abusive training methods

Dog Sports

Exercising your dog is crucial for their physical & mental health


Injured dogs who are too active for their own good

Your pupper shouldn't have to suffer because your boss needs you to stay late, AGAIN!"

The Dogletics Journey


Train calmness, focus and self control so that your dog is responsive to training

Distraction Resilience

Teach your dog to ignore difficult situations  such as aggressive dog, squirrels and people 

No Repeting or Yelling

Get quick response to commands immediatly without yelling or repeating your self


Over 85% of owners feel ashamed of their dog's behavior. You can be the 15%!

Courtney R.
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"I had issues with separation anxiety and Colby helped me work through all the stress of getting a puppy!
Ross J.
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My dog use to jump on people all the time. Colby taught my dog not to jump without permission. This much more useful than turning your body because most people ignore my wishes for them to not allow my dog to jump on them.
Arika C.
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Dogletics sets apart from Rover because they have a unique walk and train program that makes sure your dog is handled by dog trainers not kids.
Elizabeth G
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My Dad, due to health reasons, could not control his new 6 year old rescue when she tried to bolt out the door. Thanks to Colby he can get his weekly food delivers without it being a struggle every time. .
Maritza F.
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Colby helped my stubborn German Shepherd become an obedient puppy! Thank you Colby for all of your Help. My family and I appreciate your time and help!!
Pat J.
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Colby took my nightmare of suddenly having my Army son's 2) 65# dogs into a house of obedience, rewards, and joy. I could not have managed the 8 months my son served in Iraq and Kuwait without her professionalism in handling 2 very strong willed pulling dogs.

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GPS tracking & check-in alerts


Poop, pee & water intake reporting


Notes about what your dog needs to work on.

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Expert Dog Trainer

Dog Trainers, CPR Certified, Track Record

Force Free Methods

Training using rewards (treats, praise & play)

Easy & To The Point Communication

Online payment, messaging, and texting

From A Passive Dog Owner To YOUR Dog's Superhero

Dog Training Resources

Why is my dog afraid of the broom?

Why is My Dog Afraid Of The Broom & How To Fix It?

Does your dog attack brooms? Are you worried that your rescue may have been abused? Or maybe you wonder why he does that and want to figure out how to stop. This article talks about how genetics and socialization are the two most important factors in your dog’s behavior. Understand why they do it and we will teach you how to stop it.

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A black and white pomski

What Does a Dog Need?

Do you know the 4 needs of every dog? Check out our downloadable guide for what new puppy owners and seasoned dog owners should do for their dog.

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A big, medium and small dog saying hi at a dog park Chicago

Should I Go To A Dog Park In Chicago?

Most owners should know 3 major prerequisite of going to a dog park. Did you know that bad socialization is as hurtful as no socialization? Not all dogs are ready for socialization at dog parks.

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Two dogs playing tug with owner.

How to teach a dog to come?

Teach your dog how to come and drop items without offering something in return. Removing the bribe is key to a perfect recall and drop it. How is this done? With a an anti-cue not a lure (traditional methods).

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Dog standing on two paws infront of a lake.

Types Of Dog Training

Learn about the types of dog training best for your pup. We start of explaining the methodologies trainers use and which ones are proven to be effective.

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